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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Privilege to Participate: Reflections from Stake Conference

Elder Teh greets President and Sister Johnson of the Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Mission at a dinner before the Saturday night session

It's been one month since the historic stake conference in which two stakes became three. Hopefully all the excitement surrounding the stake changes didn't eclipse the inspiring message from Elder John U. Teh in the Saturday night adult session. Here's a brief reminder of his message, along with some photos from that evening.

Last year church leaders invited members to participate in hastening the work of salvation. What is our role in helping this work move forward? At the adult session of Stake Conference in August Elder Teh explained how the work of salvation will be hastened. He taught, “In Doctrine and Covenant the Lords states, ‘I hasten my work in its time.’ Whose work is being hastened? The Lord’s work. Who will hasten the work? The Lord will. When will he do it? In His time.” Elder Teh then testified that the work of salvation is being hastened right now and it is our privilege to participate in it if we choose

How do we participate in this work? In D&C 4 we read that “if [we] have desires to serve God [we] are called to the work.” Each of us has unique gifts and experiences that allow us to participate in the work of salvation. The only prerequisite for service is a desire to serve

Later in D&C 4 the Lord states, “Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Once we have developed a desire to serve God we can ask for direction to know how we can serve. The Lord has promised that He will answer our sincere prayers.

Elder Teh's message was a timely reminder that it's a privilege to participate in the Lord's work on Earth. If we have a sincere desire to contribute, the Lord will provide the way for us to do so, no matter our individual situation.

Elder Teh and Elder Kunz were visiting General Authorities for stake conference

Brothers Brandt Gray and Ken Soenen

Members and missionaries gather for the Saturday night meeting

We are blessed with great missionaries in and around Pittsburgh!

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