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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monongahela Pioneers Blood Drives in the Stake.

The Monongahela church's cultural hall became a blood donation center on August 5. Under the leadership of Scott Frederick, a member of both the Monongahela Ward and the stake public affairs council, members and friends signed up, Central Blood Bank brought everything necessary—staff, chairs, tables, equipment, even snacks, and by the end of the day the Blood Bank had collected 25 units of precious blood.

Alice Bonim of Central Blood Bank and Scott Frederick

Because faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints observe the Word of Wisdom—a law of health that rules out tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, and addictive drugs—they have good blood. When Cynthia Greathouse of the stake public affairs council approached the Central Blood Bank to suggest a partnership with the stake, officials of the blood bank were enthusiastic.

"Summer and winter are especially difficult, and we face shortages during those times of the year. We truly have ongoing needs all of the time. There is no substitute for blood," said Alice Bonim, who oversaw the event in Monongahela for the Blood Bank.

Members of the ward responded to the need. Even the young full-time missionaries donated.

Elder Martin from California said, "I came to donate blood and save lives. I don't like needles, but it's worth it!"

Sister Jones from Logan, Utah, said, "I got a little bruise, but it was worth it. Maybe I'm saving a baby's or a mother's life!"

Alice Bonim of the Blood Bank explained, "Donate blood and save three lives: every unit of blood can potentially be used for red cells, platelets, and plasma. Each has a specific use and need."

True to style, Sue Menzer of the Relief Society, with help from Ginnie Frederick, treated the Blood Bank's staff to a delicious lunch of homemade coleslaw, sloppy Joes, and yummy brownies.

By day's end the blood from Monongahela's faithful Church members was on its way to the Blood Bank. Thanks for your selfless service, brothers and sisters of the Monongahela Ward.

The leaders: Bishop Paul, Cynthia Greathouse and Scott Frederick. They made it happen.