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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Things to See and Do in Pittsburgh

At the Relief Society Mini-Conference last month, a stand in one of the rooms was filled with exciting ideas for things to see and do in and around Pittsburgh and Washington, PA. Here are some links to handouts that were provided, thanks to Sister Lisa Allen:
You might also be interested in Pittsburgh Magazine's City Guide, which highlights twelve of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods. If you're on Facebook, start following The Pittsburgh Mommy Page for more great ideas.

Pay attention and you'll often hear of free or inexpensive family-friendly events. Pittsburgh is a great place to raise a family, so get involved and don't miss out!

Thanks, Sister Allen!


  1. This is an awesome blog!! Thanks for mentioning the Pittsburgh Mommy Page on Facebook. I'm excited that my blog and facebook page are an important resource for your community. Please let me know if you ever have events that you would like included on my events listings. YOu can always email me at Thanks! Nadine

  2. Thanks, Nadine! There are lots of young families (and young mommies) in our congregations, so I was really pleased to find your Facebook page. What a great resource!