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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Detroit MI LDS Family Services Web Site

The Detroit Michigan Agency of LDS Family Services has launched a new Web site to help people in the area they serve—in Michigan, western Pennsylvania, and parts of New York, West Virginia and Ohio—better connect with the services they offer.

Features of the site include profiles of the professional staff, information on counseling and addiction recovery and support groups of various kinds, and links to related Church Web sites.  As time goes on we can expect the site to add information and become increasingly useful.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Arbor - April 2012 - New Church Web Site

The April Arbor focuses on Step 4, taking of a searching moral inventory, and describes the blessings of this step in repentance.

This issue announces the Church's new Web site for the Addiction Recovery Program, which is scheduled to publish on April 17.  In connection with the new Web site the Church has invited those who wish to share your stories of overcoming addiction through Christ's healing power to contribute your stories.

If you missed seeing KSL's 12 Steps: The Road to Recovery between sessions of general conference it is available on line.

As always, this edition of The Arbor includes telephone call-in information, dates, times and places for Addiction Recovery Program and Family Support groups.