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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Food Storage Order from Walton Feed

For years Jim and Mary Kirk of Greenfield, Ohio, have offered the service of coordinating a bulk order of food storage commodities from Walton Feed in Idaho.  Following is the the announcement of their next order:

If we haven’t met, we are Jim and Mary Kirk of Greenford, Ohio.  From time to time we coordinate group ordering of food storage and related items from Walton Feed, Inc., located in Montpelier, Idaho.  In our opinion they have high integrity as business people, excellent quality products, great service, and fair prices.

It is possible for you to order directly from Walton, but there are advantages to our buying together.  The greatest of these is the drastically reduced shipping cost.  Our group orders come by freight.  A truck holds about 42-45,000 lbs.  That’s a LOT of food!  We seldom fill a truck ourselves but when enough orders are collected at Walton Feed to send a truck east, ours will be on its way.  

You can look at or download the Walton Feed Catalog (price list) from their Web site:  
Or you can call them toll-free for information or to request a catalog: 1-800-847-0465.

If you want to be included in the group order you need to go to the Walton Feed Web site and choose what you want to stock up on.  Then mail or e-mail your personal order directly to us.  We will combine it into one large order (at the same time maintaining its individual identity) and forward it to Walton for addition to the next eastbound truck.  Unless other arrangements are made all orders are picked up at our house after sorting.

It usually takes at least a couple of months for participants in our group to amass the 2500-3000 pounds necessary for a freight drop.  Expected delivery time is hard to determine but it is usually 2-3 months after our combined order is received by Walton Feed. 

We are collecting orders now.  It is wonderful when people order early.  It makes it easier to monitor the accruing weight and gives us a better idea when the order will go in.  If you order early and afterwards discover some other item(s) you want, you can still send us add-ons until we alert you that the order is about to be shipped.
            Please send payment with your order in one of the following ways:
1.     Complete credit card information (see order form).
2.     A check or money order made payable to Mary Kirk.

We will send your credit card info and write one check to Walton with the order.  They will debit the credit cards just before the order is shipped.  Bad checks and closed credit card accounts cause great unhappiness at all levels.  Please be considerate in this matter.

Feel free to pass on this information to anyone you think would like to participate.  It’s OK to call or e-mail with questions.      PHONE:  (330) 533-2733            E-MAIL:

We look forward to working with you!

Mary and Jim 

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