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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Employment Tips for Summer

Susan Shafkalis of the Detroit office of LDS Employment Support Services shares the following thoughts about finding employment in the summer:

Have you found that while the summer season has kicked into high gear many job searches have slowed to an idle or even a full stop? Think that practically everyone, including hiring managers, is in vacation mode from Memorial Day through Labor Day? Think again. According to Monster Resume Expert Kim Isaacs, few people take long vacations anymore, so for the corporate world it's business as usual in the summer. Many projects hit the ground running in the fall, and employers want new people in place.

Here are 3 tips to help keep your clients' job searches moving forward when the mercury rises:
  1. Capitalize on Seasonal Events: Use personal and social gatherings like festivals, barbecues and weddings to let people know you are looking. Expand your network while you are on that walk, bike ride, at the ice cream shop, the pool, etc. Everyone is out and about. Say "Hi!" and introduce yourself.
  2. Take Stock of Your Resume and Skills: Take a class or two in the summer (don't forget to network with your classmates) to brush up on any skills that may be lagging. Have you assessed and updated your resume lately?
  3. Don't Get Discouraged: Vacation schedules may make reaching the right people challenging but be patient and consistent; leave polite messages. The good news is that the gatekeepers take vacations too so you may connect with that hard-to-reach hiring manager while your competitors are waiting until September!

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