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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Addiction Recovery Program Conference

Saturday's 2008 Addiction Recovery Program Conference was a great success. Kathie Schofield, director of LDS Family Services' Detroit MI agency, and Sister Annette Lillrose, a Church-service missionary who serves as agency coordinator for the Addiction Recovery Program, came from Michigan to lead and provide training at the conference.

In the morning we listened to a recorded broadcast of the 2008 conference, held June 21 in Salt Lake City.

Larry Crenshaw, acting director of LDS Family Services summarized the first three of the 12 steps in the Addiction Recovery Program in the words, 1. I can't. 2. He can. 3. I will let Him.

Lili deHoyos Anderson spoke of the importance of the law of the fast in overcoming addiction: "Power comes when we harness the flesh."

Dean Byrd said, "Your addictions do not determine who you are, but your response determines what you will become." He also taught, "Let your vision of the positive alternative be clearer than the addiction. . . . We are spiritual beings having human experience."

Sister Lillrose taught that Addiction Recovery Program facilitators should:
1. Lead by example: "I must have a testimony of my own healing."
2. Let the Spirit do the teaching: "I have been called so that the Spirit can do the teaching. There must be no put-downs." Those who participate must feel safe in the meeting.
3. Teach in parables: "Share my healing as a parable of healing."
4. Love those who participate.

We watched a (real) model Addiction Recovery Program meeting, then listened to a commentary on the meeting that underlined important principles of successful meetings.

President Brennen Murray of the Pittsburgh PA Stake concluded the conference by testifying that there is no limit to what the Savior can do to heal.

Group leaders and facilitators from throughout the Pittsburgh PA and Pittsburgh PA North Stakes attended the conference and left with greater understanding of the true principles that will help them carry out the program as the Lord intends.

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