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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Still More from the Home Storage Center

Sister Marjorie Salem, Director of the Brecksville OH Home Storage Center, wrote on May 4 that "the Church has instituted a new policy whereby only someone who can run the cash register (Home Storage Center workers) can let anyone purchase any cannery items. " In the past, when wards and branches from our region have had assignments to work in the bishops' storehouse, they have also been able to return with items from the Home Storage Center. This is no longer the case. "It is too much responsibility to ask the storehouse staff to do this job.

"Also, because of the rush and the enormous demand we have been getting for food storage during the last 2-3 months, we are booking appointments now in late July/early August. Please understand we are booking multiple wards at the same times. One Saturday we had 8 wards at the cannery, and we still can't keep up with the rush."

"[At present] I only have 3 items left. We are completely out of everything except hot cocoa, fruit punch mix and onions. It has been so crazy lately that we have to pre-order everyone's order 6-8 weeks ahead of time to get it on the following month's truck. We only get one delivery per month—example: I would have to order food during the first week in May for delivery during the 3rd week of June. They have been sending a semi truck and between the storehouse and Home Storage Center we are at the weight limit and they can't send any more cannery items. Once the pre-ordered items are set aside, I am generally out of everything else within 10 days. I won't be working again this week at the cannery because I am out of everything and our next truck doesn't come until May 16th, and then the rush starts. (Basically, I have been scheduling appointments around the truck delivery times.)"

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