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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emergency Management Institute Courses

Elder Gary Reed, our Area Welfare Specialist in Atlanta, GA, wrote that some may wish to take courses offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through its Emergency Management Institute. He writes, "The classes are free, home study, exam-only, and they go quickly.

"There has been some talk that FEMA may require volunteers to have certifications in order to have access to federal disaster sites. Here is an opportunity to get some helpful instruction.

"I have taken nine of the Emergency Management Institute courses. Let me recommend:
1. IS-00022 -"Are You Ready?"—This has a great section on which hazards are most likely in your area and how to personally prepare for them.
2. IS-00235 - "Emergency Planning"—Planning on a community level.
3. IS-00288 - "Role of Voluntary Agencies"—A look at how FEMA sees us.
4. IS-00394.A - "Protecting Your Home..."—A companion piece to "Are You Ready?"

"I also enjoyed the Leadership series: IS-00240, 241 and 242. The others I took: IS-00007 "A Citizens Guide..." was too basic and IS-00244 "Developing and Managing Volunteers" was for someone who is not LDS. If they only knew how we do it....

I found that it worked for me to print the exam first and then read with those questions in mind. It helped to get to the meat of the chapter. They can be pretty wordy. With the exam in hand I can do a course in about two hours.

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